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Total Wellness Program


Do you need to lose weight and reduce stress?  Has your doctor used the term: “pre-diabetic”?  Is it a struggle to set a realistic health plan that works? One you can stick with?   As your Certified Health Coach, I will help you take control of maintaining, improving, or restoring your most important asset – YOUR HEALTH.

It takes courage, motivation, and accountability to make permanent changes.  Replace bad habits with better choices.  You will find support through my new Total Wellness Program. It is a package of massage, whole food nutrition, and science based health classes so YOU can take charge of your own future health investment.


  1. Stress and pain management
  2. A jump-start to your health journey with one simple change
  3. Take control of your health through understanding disease prevention
  4. Make the best LEAN health choices for yourself and your family

(LEAN = Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition)   Science-based health program

  • Stress and pain relief
  • Boost energy
  • Lower risk of disease and unhealthy aging
  • Sleep better and think sharper
  • Reduce  inflammation
  • Become fit, strong and flexible
  • Personalized weight control plan
  • Improve overall health and well-being

We will work together to reach your health goals in areas such as achieving your optimal weight, reducing food cravings, increasing sleep, and maximizing energy. As we work together through the science-based classes and information you will develop a deeper understanding and the ability to take control of your own LEAN health choices.

For more information and free consultation please call:  203-481-7866  

Dorothy E Ruggiero, LMT, CHC