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Ayurveda Skin Care

The ancient holistic healing practices of Ayurveda are based on the principle that good health is maintained by the balance of three subtle energies known as doshas. They are VATA, PITTA, and KAPHA. Skin is a barometer of a person’s health and when your doshas are out of balance, the indications show on your face. 

Allow us to introduce an Ayurveda inspired skincare regime.

Ayurvedic wisdom teaches that each constitutional skin personality is unique and has its own recommended beauty rituals. 

VATA types have a tendency to always be on the move. Vata skin type is usually dry, thin and sensitive to cold especially in the autumn and winter seasons. For Vata skin type and for those over 40 we recommend you use Regenerative Skin Care program to revitalize, clarify and boost dry, stressed skin.  

PITTA are forward-looking types with strong determination and ambition. Pitta skin type can be sensitive to heat with flareups and t-zone oiliness.  For Pitta skin type and those between early adulthood to about 40-ish we recommend you use Nourishing Skin Care collection to soothe and maintain elasticity and youthfulness. 

KAPHA can experience lovely serenity and contentment by taking things slow and steady. Kapha skin may be beautiful and soft and have a tendency to retain excess water and oil causing puffiness and congested pores. For Kapha skin type we recommend the Purifying Skin Care set to to open pores and detoxify.

Skin Repair Healing Skin Care kit is recommended for anyone who has sun-damaged skin that may look stressed, dry, and have freckles or brown spots. This intensive skin repair system is developed for healing the ravages of time and weather and excellent for all three doshas. 

A facial massage with Dosha appropriate skin care regime works to improve the skin, uplift the face, relax and deeply nourish the whole body.

Allow us to introduce an Ayurvedic inspired Face Massage with your next Therapeutic Massage session and we will help you determine which regime is best suited to your skin type. You will learn how to use the products and take your first complete kit to use at home. 

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